Active Brain Breaks provide students with a chance to have a physically active break from learning so that they can come back to learning re-focussed and ready to concentrate.  The active brain break allows for students’ neurotransmitters (brain’s messenger chemicals between neurons) to replenish after being depleted due to concentrating for long periods of time (as little as 10 minutes!).  

Active Brain Breaks also help oxygen-rich blood reach the brain and body, get muscles moving, build rapport between students and teachers, and create a fun, positive and stress-free learning environment - all important ingredients for learning.


There are some great resources online including GoNoodle/Get Moving - YouTube, Just Dance and 20 Three-Minute Brain Breaks, but educators can make up their own too.

Take a look at some of the fun active brain breaks taken by students using our Aussie Active Desks at home or at school!

Here a high school student who uses a senior Aussie Active Desk at home takes an active brain break from her work Her mum, an experienced teacher, takes her through the active brain break.
A High School student performs some fun stretches at her senior Aussie Active Desk at home with her Aunty (an experienced teacher) leading the way.
A High School student goes through a fun active brain break while using her senior Aussie Active Desk. Some of the moves come from well known group dances like the Bus stop and Macarena. Her mum, an experienced teacher, leads the active brain break.