We want kids to stand, move, engage and achieve more!


Australian made, affordable, height adjustable sit-to-stand junior and senior single and double desks including frames, desk tops, tote tray runners and tote trays.

Or…if you want to save money and recycle your existing desk tops, our junior and senior desk frames can fit your current desk tops.
This cost-effective strategy also reflects sustainable practice by using existing furniture.


Junior Single Desks are suitable for LOWER PRIMARY SCHOOL students adjustable from 580mm to 880mm with height increments of 60mm.

Senior SINGLE desk

Senior Single Desks are suitable for MIDDLE and UPPER PRIMARY and SECONDARY SCHOOL students adjustable from 700mm to 1120mm with height increments of 60mm.



Double Desks include Junior Double desks and Senior Double Desks which have larger desktops than the single desks but the same height options. Perfect for collaborative work!

Sturdy and versatile, providing a quality work space for the tallest to smallest student. The table tops are perfect for using a laptop and note book simultaneously.
— Lachlan Hordern, Year 6 Teacher, Dalby State School

Did you know?

5-17 years olds can sit for up to 5 hours a day at school!

Sitting for prolonged periods is a risk factor for a range of health issues including heart disease and obesity.
If students sit for too long they can also become disengaged and lose concentration!

What is the answer?

Aussie Active Desks can help students stand, move, engage and achieve more!